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for kids, teens, & beginners ages 8+


made fun

and easy.

Codera is the new award-winning platform that enables parents to empower their child, effortlessly by teaching them how to code.

Here's how it works


An engaging storyline

Kids stay engaged and interested with a storyline that relates their coding to futuristic scenarios.

Problem-solve by Doing

Reinforces understanding and develops logic with hands-on-learning that relates to the storyline.

Gamified dashboard

Students can track their own progress with a streak counter, daily missions, and a level progress map.


A proven curriculum

Animations and analogies simplify complex topics for an in-depth understanding, simply delivered.

Online 1:1 classes with personalized instruction [premium plan]

We're Nathan and Jahan the co-founders and instructors of Codera. We teach kids how to build everything from apps to animations with our learning dashboard.

Students collaborate and recieve programming tasks to go along with the lessons.


Avatar Heroes

Players can use the in-game currencies gained from completing levels to upgrade their avatars and battle their friends!


Battle with friends and progress through the leagues. Win and climb the global leaderboard.

All tied together with an engaging storyline.


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1/ Program the self-flying chinook's flight path


2/ Bypass the research facility's security system.


Data Types


3/ Code a repair system to fix a drone robot.

Control Flow

Type Casting


And a whole lot more...


Data Structures





Ages 8+

Game Design

Game Logic



Ages 8+





Ages 12+

Arduino language

Arduino Components

Electrical Engineering

Artificial Intelligence

Ages 14+

Linear Regression

Binary Classification

Neural Networks


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Is CODERA for my child?

It is good for all ages, especially beginners, but intended for ages 8+

The neccessary skills to understand and utilize technology.

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Get an emailed report on...

How they are improving with performance stats

Concepts learned

Projects completed/currently being worked on

What our members have said

I usually have to coerce him into doing educational activities, but with Codera, he looks forward to learning.”

Mridu Atray
Researcher at IIT Delhi

Lincoln loves this. TY!”

Small Business Owner

I wish I had this software when I was a kid."

Full stack developer and electronic engineer.

This was simple to learn and get better at coding. I took a few coding classes before and tried other coding websites, but none of them were as fun as this is. I didn't know I would enjoy coding so much."

10th grader

To be honest, this website is the best coding tutor I've come across so far. It's so alive."

7th grader

The coding activities were different from other courses I have taken, it was hard sometimes, but the course gives you guides and clues as well as instructions to teach you everything. I liked the mini projects at the end also.”

7th grader

I would recommend this course to any of my friends even if they don't have an interest to code because this course requires no previous experience with coding and is fun.”

5th grader

It was challenging at first but then it started to get easier when I got the hang of it.”

6th grader

I love the work you guys are doing.”

7th grader

I most enjoyed entering code into the textbox. It showed me my errors and I learned what to do from them.”

8th grader

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which ages is Codera best for?

Codera is good for any age! If we had to put a range on it, we would say ages 8-18.

Why should my child learn how to code, even if they don't want to be a programmer in the future?

Of course, not everyone will need to become professional programmers, but having basic coding knowledge can be a valuable asset in today's, and especially the future's, job market. Just as math has been a foundational skill for centuries, coding is quickly becoming a necessary skill for the 21st century workforce.

My child learned the basics of coding in school, why should they use Codera?

While it's great that your child learned the basics of coding in school, traditional school programs do not provide the same level of soft skills development and practical application as a platform like Codera.

Learning how to code is not just about memorizing syntax or following step-by-step instructions. The real value of coding lies in its ability to teach problem-solving and allow kids to express creativity. Through coding, students learn how to break down complex problems into smaller, more manageable parts, and how to approach problem-solving in a logical, systematic way. However, this kind of skill development often requires more hands-on practice, engagement, and guidance than traditional school programs can offer.

Also, while many school programs may teach the basics of coding, they usually do not provide students with knowledge on how to apply those skills in practical ways. For example, Codera focuses on teaching kids to create websites, apps, games, and other projects that express creativity and develop divergent thinking. Students benefit from having the freedom to create their own projects that are applicable to real-world settings.

How do you process payments?

Payments are processed using Stripe, which is a secure payment platform trusted by top brands around the world.
Your payment details are not stored on Codera.

What programming languages are taught on the platform?

Our platform teaches the fundamentals of programming with Python. Python is beginner-friendly and widely used in the industry. After the basics are learned, we pivot to teaching project development: animations, apps, games, and websites,

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For beginner to intermediate level

Safe and Secure

No, they don't need to be good at math