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"I wish I had this software when I was a kid."


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"Good stuff so far! I will be following along 👍"

- Caleb Sylvest, Principal Designer

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"Lincoln would love this..."

- Ryan Murphy, RSM MEDIA

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How it works

The storyline

Phase 01: Fundamentals

Phase 02: Conditionals

Phase 03: Loops

Phase 04: Functions

Phase 05: Data

Phase 06: Objects

Phase 07: Algorithms

Phase 08: Project

Phase 09: Collaborate

Phase 10: Entrepreneurship

Phase 01 Preview

Agents will learn to

Break down complex problems into smaller, more manageable parts

Recognize patterns in code to solve problems more efficiently

Write reusable code

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Enable anyone to join the next generation of thinkers, builders, and innovators.

1/ Engaging

Codera's curriculum is organized into phases that build upon each other. Each lesson relates to a futuristic storyline, making the learning experience more relevant and meaningful.

2/ Mission-based

Daily missions take 10-15 minutes to complete, providing learners with bite-sized learning that is not overwhelming.

3/ Gamified

By successfully completing missions, learners can earn XP points and climb up the ranks on a leaderboard alongside their friends, fostering a sense of healthy competition.


Success for All, Backed by Science.

Drawing from research in learning science, Codera cultivates interest, confidence, and belonging to boost learning and engagement for all students, regardless of their abilities or background.

+ 16% Performance for interested students
+ 50% Persistence for confident learners
2x Motivation with a sense of belonging
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Engaging storyline relates learning to the real-world with cool futuristic applications of technology.

Enjoyment from tasks

Interactive game-like learning exercises.

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Simplified topics

Bite-sized interactive lessons that build upon one another make learning easy for anyone.

Progress-Aligned Learning

Exercises slowly increase in difficulty, matching the learner’s progress.

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Friendly competition

Leaderboards with friends, ranked by XP gained from lessons.

Support & Community

Ask for help, share knowledge, or celebrate victories with fellow learners in our discord community.

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"Highly motivated students demonstrate up to a 30% increase in academic performance, problem-solving ability, and persistence, leading to overall success in their learning and growth"

Improvement in academic performance

Increase in commitment

Overall success in learning and growth

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What is the time commitment?

Each mission takes around 10 minutes to complete, so you can see results for your child by having them spend just 10 minutes a day on the tasks. Of course, they can also choose to spend more than 10 minutes.

Which ages is Codera best for?

Codera is good for any age! If we had to put a range on it, we would say ages 8+.

How do you process payments?

Payments are processed using Stripe, which is a secure payment platform trusted by top brands around the world. Your payment details are not stored on Codera.

What programming languages are taught on the platform?

Our platform teaches the fundamentals of programming and develops problem solving using the programming language Python. Python is beginner-friendly and widely used in the industry.